Troop 1518 - The Outdoor Connection

Mojave National Preserve



 Hole In The Wall, Mojave National Preserve, Half Dome Hike, Joshua Tree, and Rainbow Basin

Troop 1518 connects boys to the outdoors, while building character and leadership skills that will last a lifetime.  Camping and hiking are part of the experience, along with advancing through the scout ranks.  Boys can connect with our community through service projects developed by our prospective Eagle Scouts.  We are chartered by the Tustin-Santa Ana Rotary Club, a well-known service organization that supports projects throughout Orange County, as well as at the national and international level. 

We usually hold troop meetings twice a month on Mondays during the school year from 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Pioneer Middle School in Tustin, and host a number of outdoor activities throughout the surrounding region.  More information about earning Merit Badges can be found on our "About Us" page.

The "About Us" page also has photos from some of our adventures and info about our troop.  Or click on "Service Projects" to see samples of our Eagle Scout projects!


We are a Scout-Led Troop and our PLC has developed the following Vision, Mission and Goals:

Vision:      Bring life changing things to young boys!

Mission:   We want to have fun while exploring leadership through learning new skills, helping others, having scout spirit and eating well. 

Goals:      More campouts and high adventure activities, card games & stories by the campfire and having great attendance at meetings and outings 


The Scoutmaster Corps version:

 Adhering to the BSA guidelines, we will mentor a scout-led troop with a strong patrol method where our scouts will have fun, fail safely, and develop character.


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